Vision & Mission

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North Gujarat is the main Castor Seed growing area in the world and is leading in the manufacture and supply of Castor Oil. Palanpur, Dist. Banaskantha is the main centre of Castor Oil activity in this area. Having vast experience in manufacture and marketing of special grades of Castor Oil, our new venture “Kenpee Agro Enterprise” aims to cater the needs of special grade Castor oil requirement around the world.

In this health conscious era, people have started realizing value of forgotten grains such as Millets in their daily intake of foods. Other small grains like Rajgira (Amaranth) is now being acknowledged as a miracle food and demand for such foods are growing.

Palanpur, in North Gujarat and other surrounding areas are very rich in production of species, oil seeds, cereals, millets and Rajgira (Amaranth). Unjha is the biggest marketing hub for species is just nearby. To cater to emerging needs of quality food stuff for the people, we have started procuring, quality checking, cleaning, packing and supply of these species, cereals, millets, rajgira and other agro produces etc under “Kenpee Agro Enterprise”.